Walking down Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn yesterday, with friends I was trying to figure out just what the fascination and attraction of “hip” young adults (and some not so young) is with Williamsburg. Just when you think real estate prices couldn’t get any higher, they just keep going up because it’s so popular and in demand. Yes, it’s close to Manhattan and many stimulating neighborhoods in the boroughs and it’s a very vibrant community but personally I can’t understand all the hype. We had lunch in a restaurant on Grand Ave. and the waiter was from New Zealand. We were conversing with him and I asked why he left New Zealand (which is known to be very beautiful) and how it is he wound up in Williamsburg. He said, “I just wanted to be in New York City.” OK that’s a good answer. I love New York City too, I think it’s an amazing place. I was born in Brooklyn and lived most of my life there and now I’m still on the same “island,” I only moved a bit..to the border of Queens on Long Island.

When it comes down to it, I guess NYC and the tristate area, though very expensive to live here, it’s a very dynamic, multi-cultural, ethnically rich and also religiously diverse part of the world. It’s very attractive to a lot of young people. I can understand that.


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