Michelangelo’s Exhibit at the MET in NYC

One of my most favorite places is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I just love it there, surrounded by beautiful pieces of art, paintings of the masters and so many cultural artifacts.

I thought by going on a Tuesday afternoon to see the much talked about exhibit, “Michelangelo-Divine Draftsman and Designer,” it wouldn’t be too crowded but it was. It’s a great exhibit and everyone who loves art wants to see it. Michelangelo was called, “the divine one,” by his friends and patrons. The exhibition features 133 of his drawings, three marble sculptures, and his earliest painting, as well as the work of other artists influenced by him.

I was fascinated by his relationship with a deeply spiritual woman, Vittoria, who wrote mystical poetry. She presented to Michelangelo in 1540 or 1541 a book which contained 103 of her religious sonnets, “beautifully written in cursive by a professional scribe……Vittoria’s poetry focuses on personal suffering that leads to divine illumination and manifests her belief that the grace of salvation is God’s gift to humanity.” The manuscript (the book she gave him) is on exhibit and as I read the words of her poetry I was moved, as Michelangelo must have been in 1540.

“…………..now my heart languishes in pain turned towards God, who alone can help me, let the holy nails from now on be my quills, and the precious blood my pure ink, my lined paper the sacred lifeless body, so that I may write down for others all that he suffered.”

Michelangelo, the creative genius was very taken with her deep, mystical poetry.