Thanksgiving 2017-God’s Blessings Abound

Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate Thanksgiving) But whether you celebrate or not, we are have to be thankful. This past year was a year of some disappointments and some accomplishments. The ups and downs of life, are ever present in our lives, in my life. But as long as I walk with Jesus, with Jesus at my side, I can and do overcome obstacles and rise to new heights. This was the year I finally finished my spiritual/mystical memoir and its selling on Amazon. More importantly people are reading it and being inspired by it. Praise God! That’s important because no one ever read the book or even parts of it, before I published it. I was apprehensive about showing it ….what would people think of me? But amazingly people who have read it (granted they know me and some even like me) like the book and find it inspiring. What a relief!

And so have a Happy Thanksgiving. The good news is that if you pray and have a relationship with God, “all things work together for good.” And everything becomes rightly ordered and in God’s time, all things work out. So be at peace.


“The Vision of Christ in St. Columba Church” by NJ Azzaro