Finding God Through Nature-Through a Sunrise

My son took the photo of the sun rising on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii, that I’ve used at the top of my home page.

It seems there are many people in the world, who wake up very early and watch the sun rise and then photograph it and post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. When my son is in Manhattan, where he lives, on some mornings he goes on his friend’s sailboat, with other businessmen or those headed to Wall Street and they watch the sunrise from the sailboat, in the NY harbor. They don’t talk for one hour and they just sit and watch and are present to the magnificence of creation, the beginning of a new day, with all the possibilities that offers. It is calming for these young men, who then venture to their jobs.

And from this practice and the discipline of waking early to watch the sunrise, my adult son is becoming more aware of God’s presence, of the spiritual journey and it’s opening for him a new path. He is going to be in Bethlehem for Christmas and though I was sad he wouldn’t be with the family, he wants to go to the Holy Land for Christmas. (My son cancelled his plans to go to the Holy Land for Christmas because of the recent outbreak of violence. There will be other years for him to go. He’ll go somewhere else.)

All from watching the sunrise……